Gadsden Publishers is an independent publishing company owned by Fay Gadsden. It was founded as Bookworld Publishers in 1995. The name was changed in 2014 when co-owner Bharat Nayee sold out of the company to focus on school textbook publishing.
The company publishes books for children in English and Zambian languages. It also publishes fiction for adults, autobiographies and studies in the humanities and social sciences. We have a policy of reprinting important out of print books about Zambia so that they remain available to the contemporary reader.
The company fosters links with wider African publishing. We are members of the African Books Collective and World Reader. We co-publish the Caine Prize for African literature with the New Internationalist and 8 other African publishers. We also co-published an Ellen Banda-Aaku novel with Storymoja in Kenya and a novel by Mukuka Chipanta with Weaver Press in Zimbabwe.
We work with NGOs in Zambia helping with the publication of reports. We publish the Zambia Social Science Journal and Occasional Papers for the Southern African Institute for Policy and Research, and have published Zambian language readers with the Centre for Promotion of Literacy in Southern Africa (CAPOLSA).